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At Direct Power Electric Inc, we have built a well-established, experienced  and resourcefully trained team that allows us to provide expert services in a wide range of areas.

At Direct Power Electrical Inc, we offer 24 hours services to cover all your residential and commercial electrical project needs. We invite you to explore our service offerings below in more detail. If you have any other specific projects that you need our help with, we are always available to discuss your custom project in detail.

24/7 Residential Homes

When it comes to different residential projects then Direct Power Electrical Inc. can be the help you need. Whether it is sales offices, custom houses, retirement homes and so on, Direct Power Electrical Inc. has you covered. The employees at Direct Power Electrical Inc. have cross-category experience when it comes to residential sectors, allowing us to smartly handle projects. We have an abundance of experience and the capability to successfully deliver any type of project requirement.

Electrician working near the Board with wires. Installation and connection of electrics. Professional with tools in hand.

24/7 commercial and industrial

Our maintenance services are available for 24 hours. When proper care of electrical systems is seen, it helps in lowering utility costs, lessening the replacement costs, increasing the equipments’ service life, and so on. Plus, this also ensures that the building’s occupants are safe from any type of harm that might be caused.

Lighting designs

At Direct Power Electrical Inc, we can help you in facilitating integration plus specification when it comes to different types of projects. We offer a variety of lighting designs to help light up any location such as houses, shopping complexes, hotels, offices, apartment complexes, and many others. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the experts at Direct Power Electrical Inc. are able to help you achieve all the lighting goals you have for your place. Get in touch with Direct Power Electrical Inc. to learn more about this service.

Landscape lighting

Get in touch with Direct Power Electrical Inc, if you are looking for the best landscape lighting. We can help light up the outside area of any location, whether it is a house, office, apartment complexes, hotels, and so on. Landscape lighting looks aesthetically pleasing and creates that soft ambience during the night. Plus, in addition to that, it also helps in making sure that there are no trespassers nearby and everyone inside remains safe. We provide our clients with the highest quality of landscape products.

Car chargers

With Direct Power Electrical Inc, we can easily determine the type of infrastructure that is best suited for you. This is possible due to our expert electrical services consulting, and experience with installing plus maintaining the car charging infrastructure. We can help with determining the services capacity that’s needed and loading of the charging station solution based on location.

car charger1

Backup generators

Now, you never have to worry in the case of a sudden power loss. Direct Power Electrical Inc. can easily add in a generator within the design of an existing or a new project. You will always be prepared in the event of a sudden power loss, ensuring that everyone around you remains safe.

Wiring and hook up for pool and Hot tub Equipment

Are you looking for the appropriate lighting for your hot tubs or swimming pools? Then worry not, because Direct Power Electrical Inc. also has that covered for you. You can rely on us when it comes to highlighting the water features and incorporating that additional glow to these places, whether it is in your house or in an office building.


Smart Switches Plus Automation

With Direct Power Electrical Inc. smart switches plus automation services, you get to become a part of the remarkable world of connected space. Our experts can help you by automating all of your gadgets so that they are able to work independently and are remotely controlled. If you are looking to incorporate the ‘Smart Home Technology’ into your home, then get in touch with Direct Power Electrical Inc. We can install all sorts of smart gadgets into your home, where you can do things like control all of your appliances, monitor energy use, handle home security, and so much more using your smartphone.

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